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The Creative and Vocational Faculty

ABOUT THE Creative and Vocational Faculty

The Creative and Vocational Faculty is the place for artistic and resourceful minds to interact, exchange ideas, ask questions and learn. The Creative and Vocational Faculty team is made up of five dedicated Academic Advisers fully equipped to guide you on your academic path. The team is led by an incredible faculty head who aims to create an atmosphere of open, inspired and critical discussions.
Here, innovators’ get to share their ingenuity and learning processes in professions ranging from dressmaking, radio broadcasting to film production, gardening and personal fitness. Students can expand their knowledge in their respective fields, encounter people with similar interests and engage in discussions surrounding their chosen courses and modules. Our Academic Advisers have experience in a number of fields including film, hospitality, journalism and event planning and they will always be on hand to assist and guide you through your studies. The Creative and Vocational Faculty aims to inspire and educate while making the learning process accessible and enjoyable at the same time.


Head of Faculty


In 2015 I completed my MFA Degree at Rhodes University in which I specialised in Performance Art. The relevance of my research works alongside contemporary social environments and existing socio-spatial constructs by a chameleon-like adaption of creative invention. I am passionate about student development and support in both creative and vocational education.


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: BA Media and Communication, Drama and Performance and Community Development
Bio: I hold a Bachelor of Arts from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. I majored in Media and Communication, Drama and Performance, and Community Development. I have worked as a Media Analyst for three years in two prestigious media monitoring companies in Durban and Johannesburg.

Keanan Naidu

Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: National Diploma in Multimedia Design
Bio: I have worked in all aspects of multimedia and most recently completed a certificate course in 3d animation. I hope to inspire the upcoming designers into positive well thought out aesthetic design that could maybe impact the world we live in.


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: N Diploma in Music Production and Sound Eng

I hold a N Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering. My love for sound started early in my life, I am passionate about learning and sharing my knowledge with others.

Natalie Gore

Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts & Film
Bio: I have a Bachelor’s degree in motion picture arts and film from AFDA. I admire films and each field that contributes to a good film as a whole. I enjoy viewing films and engaging in discussions about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access my course content, change my personal details and see my assignment deadlines and results?
Any students enrolled with City Varsity:,Damelin:, DCC: http://studentportal.dcc.edu.za:8888/dcclol/, INTEC: http://studentportal.intec.edu.za:46832/studentportal and Lyceum: http://studentportal.lyceum.co.za:8888/lyceumlol/ can access course content, change their personal details and see their assignment deadlines and results on their colleges student portal. Students enrolled at ICESA or CTC will need to contact their nearest branch for further assistance.

How can I balance the practical and theoretical components of my course?
To be able to properly express and apply yourself in any creative or vocational field, you need to fully understand the different methodologies and perspectives that make up your work. The theoretical components of your course help contextualise your creative concepts, actions, techniques and mediums which you choose to use. By understanding and exploring your practice through different theoretical lenses you learn how to research and then develop yourself in your chosen industry.

I am a face-to-face student, how important is it for me to attend my lectures?
Attending lectures is a vital part of face-to-face study. In a lecture a student is encouraged to interact with their lecturer and their peers to better understand the complexities of the course and the learning material. Lecturers also demonstrate and elaborate on learning material in ways which makes learning accessible to their students. By attending lectures you nurture a healthy relationship with your lecturer who can offer you the support that you may need to achieve your academic goals. The lecturer can also track your academic development and guide you to reaching your fullest potential by the end of your qualification.

As a distance learner who has just received their course material, what are the first steps that I should take in starting my studies?
Once you have received your course material package, check that you have all the relevant study guides, textbooks and timetables which you will need to map out your course. Next, look at your first assignment and decide how long it will take you to complete it. In making this decision factor in time to discuss any difficulties that you may face with your Academic Adviser. Then look at your first exam date and map yourself a realistic timetable, making sure that you will do all the required work to write the exam. This planning process will help you complete your qualification alongside your everyday demands. Please speak to your Academic Adviser if you need guidance in putting together the best study plan for you.